ImMatiasHD posted Nov 4, 17

TheDarkGamesMC Network has finally released its survival server. Buckle up and be ready to survive on your own. Almost every plugin that we have here is customized to perfection, your eye will be satisfied at all times Our server provides an amazing amount of features and perks for your enjoyment only! If you think you can survive the darkness we wish you good luck.


  • Custom World Generation
  • Infernal Mobs
  • Free Ranks
  • Elite Mobs
  • Super Trails
  • Weather Vote
  • Disease
  • Custom Shops
  • Version 1.12.2
  • Random Teleport
  • MyPet
  • Minecord (discord bridge)
  • Backpacks
  • mcMMO
  • Grief Prevention
  • Inventory Restore
  • Enchants Plus
  • Daily Rewards
  • Custom Polls
  • Custom Arrows
  • Crazy Enchantments
  • Crazy Auctions
  • CraftBook
  • Crates
  • ChatItem
  • Builders Wand


We're always here to enhance your playing experience here at TheDarkGamesMC, we are always on the lookout for new plugins that can make your playing experience better. Give your suggestions on our forums or discord.

Our server is intended to be fun, welcoming and a friendly environment where everyone can have a good time playing. As such we have created a list of rules that we expect our players to follow. By joining TheDarkGamesMC Survival server you have agreed to follow the rules we provide.



Click here to join our discord, where you can chat and get some more information around our server.

IP: survival.thedarkgamesmc.com

Enjoy these amazing addons whilst you play in the home of the best survival server.

can you survive the darkness?