TaylorMade21-Rock Gym!


Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

Languages Spoken:English and A little French

What gym would you prefer to lead/co-lead? Rock

How long have you been on our servers? 4 days

Have you ever been an admin/mod/helper on another server? Are you currently an Admin/mod/helper on another server? I was a helper on a pixelmon server a couple years ago until the server merged with it larger sister server

How long would you be on the server if you were promoted to gym leader? and how long would you spend such time in your gym? I would be on at least every other day with 80% of my time devoted to my gym

Were you ever demoted/muted/jailed/banned on our servers? (Must be answered truthfully. Those who get promoted but lied on this part of the app will be demoted immediately) I have never been demoted/jailed/banned on your servers

Why should you be promoted? What makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants? My high iq of Pokemon and my ability to find a way to counter the weaknesses of rock weather it be it’s Ev training or the typing and moves of the Pokemon to make it a nice challenge for my opponent. I know I would make a great gatekeeper gymleader and really leave my opponent prepared for the next gymleader.

Situation Questionnaire
1) You have lost a battle however the opponent has gone offline before collecting the badge. What would you do? Next time I see them on I’ll give them the badge or I can contact and Admin or higher up to send them a badge so when they get on they have it.

2) You have won a battle however your opponent refuses to leave. What do you do?
I would close my gym until another opponent requests to challenge, if that doesn’t work I would ask a higher up to help me with the situation