1) What is your Minecraft username and age?
LouLou_8888, I’m a mom with a kid playing on this server, do I actually have to reveal my age? xD

2) What time zone do you live in?
Canada EST

3) What is your availability?
During the week I’m typically on in the morning for an hour or so, then in the evening if time permits. Weekends are sporadic. However I check discord often and can reply there quickly.

In your own words, and in a short paragraph, tell us:

4) What do you think a server moderator does, and how do you feel you fit this criteria?
A server moderator is a mentor for the community, they set the bar on how to act, and they let other community members know when their actions aren’t in line with expectations. They help out, provide guidance and help establish the atmosphere of the server. I’ve been a mod and higher on a couple of other Pixelmon servers, and my nature is to help and teach, whether I’m on staff or not.

5) What is it about this server that keeps you playing here?
I like that the staff is active and the community is friendly. I also appreciate the quickness to update to new releases and to address suggestions that are given by community members.

Tell us how you would react if the following situations occurred while you were online.
*I’m answering these under the assumption I’m acting as a staff member

6) If a player began using threatening or excessive bad language towards another player, what would you do?
I would let that player know that the language was not acceptable, that it was against the rules and to please stop. If they stopped and apologized I might further ask what was going on, to see if there was some instigation on the other’s part. But if the player using the language didn’t stop, it would be a mute. If they continued after the mute a ban/temp ban, whatever your escalation procedures are.

7) If a player was found to have grieved a building, what would you do?
Take screenshots, get proof. As mod previously I was able to ban for such rule breaking and would do so, but again, I would follow the procedures that have been set up.

8) If a player came to you and claimed they lost items, what would you do?
I’d ask more details, how exactly they were lost. If it’s because they didn’t claim I’d refer back to the rules, tell them we don’t restore if it’s unclaimed, teach them how to claim, and maybe help them out with resources from my personal supply, depending what they lost, just ‘cause I’m nice that way. If something seemed to glitch out, like held items have been known to do I’d see if they had any proof/screenshots to support their lost items and would pass it up the chain if there was enough evidence.

9) Is there anything else you feel we should know while considering you for moderator?
I’m pretty easy going and fair, but I have no trouble turning on the EvilMum when needed to deal with toxic individuals. I don’t tolerate disruption for the sake of being a jerk but I will help players to redeem themselves if they have broken the rules, or got off on the wrong foot in their attitude.

Thank you for reading and considering my application.