IGN (In Game Name): xGerjqn

Age: 16

Timezone: CET (i live in the Netherlands)

Languages Spoken:
Dutch, English
little bit French

What gym would you prefer to lead/co-lead?
I'd prefer a steel gym because it is one of my favorite types and because I was steel-leader before and it was really fun. (i still have my gym pokemon)

How long have you been on our servers?
I play 6 months now I think, I was very inactive the last month because of school, but I'm back. playing time is 12 days

Have you ever been an admin/mod/helper on another server? Are you currently an Admin/mod/helper on another server?
I was co-owner on a pixelmon server 2 years ago.
We stopped the server because we had no time for it.

How long would you be on the server if you were promoted to gym leader? and how long would you spend such time in your gym?
I think I will be on the server for 5 to 8 hours a week, depending on school.

Were you ever demoted/muted/jailed/banned on our servers?
Yes, i've been banned for a couple of hours a couple of months ago.

Why should you be promoted? What makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants?
You should choose me, because i am a real challenge. I know a lot about pokemon. I am friendly to others and im in for a joke. i can be serious if it is required.

Situation Questionnaire
1) You have lost a battle however the opponent has gone offline before collecting the badge. What would you do?
I would write down his name and when he gets online i would give him the badge that he deserves

2) You have won a battle however your opponent refuses to leave. What do you do?
He can stay when if he isn't standing in the way, but if he is annoying I'll ask him friendly to leave the gym, when he doesn't want to i would inform a staff member.