IGN: XxGlaccexX

Age: 14

Timezone: North American Central

Languages Spoken: English

I would prefer to lead/co-lead the Dragon type gym.

I have been on the Dark Games since November of 2017.

I have never been an admin on another server before.

I would be on the server from about 3:00/3:10 - 5:00/6:00 Monday through Friday and, on weekends i would be on at random times if at all. I would be in the gym most of the time but would leave it when i have other things to take care of.

I have never been demoted, muted, banned,or jailed on your servers before.

I feel that i should be promoted because i would be online more of the time and it seems like no one ever really wants to lead a dragon type gym.

Situation Questionnaire

1) I would right a note to my self the persons IGN and wait for them to return or, if i didn't think i would see the person i would give a badge to one of the admins and ask them to give it to the player if they saw them.

2) I would allow them a rematch and if they lost again i would tell them they had tried twice and give them tips on how to strengthen their pokemon so they had a higher chance of winning or, if they still refused i would politely ask a mod for assistance.

Thank you for your time!
Sincerely, XxGlaccexX