1) What is your Minecraft username and age? My Minecraft username is Lorthalion and im 18 at the time of this application but on march 3rd ill be 19

2) What time zone do you live in? I live in Eastern Standered time (EST)

3) What is your availability? typically anytime if im not at work and i can be on about 4-8 hours a day.

4) What do you think a server moderator (helper) does, and how do you feel you fit this criteria? Honestly what i think a server moderator/helper does is make sure the server goes smoothly they help players with questions so the can eventually gain a hold of a understanding about what they are doing in order to have a wonderful experience on the server but they will also have to have a tough side such as if a player is acting up they have to warn him and if the action is necessary make penalty's on that player if the case is extreme enough take a forceful action as a example if a player has a repeat offensive of vulgar language /excessive spam give them a temporary mute and if more is necessary etc. I feel that i could fit this criteria because everyday in real life i deal with these exact same situations on a different field if u get what i mean I deal with customers cursing me out and threatening me daily because of something a cashier did. i also feel i could possibly fit this role because im a stickler to rule to a point i know people slip sometimes and thats okay but this is why i feel like i may be fitted to be a helper

5) What is it about this server that keeps you playing here? What keeps me playing on the server in my opinion is the community the community is great and funny they entertain me but sometimes that one guy joins who wants to ruin peoples day when no staffs on by being rude vulgar etc the server is also brilliantly built and ran which i find amazing and with the recent growth of the server population it should be growing even more as a developing server. I am friends with a little bit of people here(Iyady, Dragonmaster815 element PressDestroyer) are just a few names so i think it would be pretty fun to help nurture the server to grow in the future.

6) If a player began using threatening or excessive bad language towards another player, what would you do? First step would to be to warn them such as Example ahead(Insert name that is not nice/using that much language is frowned upon please refrain from doing so in the future/if a player is threatening another player i would Say insert name please refrain threatning players on the server it is not tolerated and this is your one and only warning your next offense will be taken action upon.

7) If a player was found to have grieved a building, what would you do? If i would find a person grieving i would mail/ privately message the person if there on asking them to return/rebuild/place back what they took then i would then the following as the rules state i would ban them but i would also mention that they did return the items they did grief/took so in the future if they applied for a unban it might be rembered they did realized what they did was wrong and increase there second chance of being able to play on the server ps it is my belief everyone deserves a second chance eventually.

:cool: If a player came to you and claimed they lost items, what would you do? i would ask them if they have taken screenshots of their "missing items" if so i would proceed to contact the higher up's in the server management so that necessary steps for the item retrieval can happen i would also ask dark or a dev to check the console logs to make sure they actually are missing and they did not just accidentally trade drop or gave away so called items and now are wanting them back.

9) Is there anything else you feel we should know while considering you for moderator(helper)? Hm somethings you should know about me if i am asked to get something done i like to get it done then and there to make sure there is no wait because if there is a wait that means is lessens the server adventure for everyone making there experience that little less satisfying and that could be a difference between them leaving or staying the small details and the constant dependability of a person to fix/listen to what players want. I have also been staff on a few other servers such as the Digimobs official server i was a mod CLPixelmon i was a head mod that is my past experience.

Thank you for your time and your consideration in reading this application
Sincerely, Lorthalion AKA BerryBoi