IGN (In Game Name): Herobrine_Squid

Age: 12.

Timezone: central time zone.

Languages Spoken: english.
(Will not affect your chances of being a gym leader)

What gym would you prefer to lead/co-lead? co leader.

How long have you been on our servers?
about 5 months.
Have you ever been an admin/mod/helper on another server? Are you currently an Admin/mod/helper on another server? (The answer to this question would not affect your chances of being a gym leader) no.

How long would you be on the server if you were promoted to gym leader? and how long would you spend such time in your gym? well still the same amount like 8 hours.

Were you ever demoted/muted/jailed/banned on our servers? (Must be answered truthfully. Those who get promoted but lied on this part of the app will be demoted immediately)
Why should you be promoted? What makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants?
im a smart person plus very nice and i will give good advice on type advantages and weaknesses and easier ways to take down the gym.
Situation Questionnaire
1) You have lost a battle however the opponent has gone offline before collecting the badge. What would you do?i would tell them the next time there on that they didnt collect the badge and give it to them

2) You have won a battle however your opponent refuses to leave. What do you do?
i would kindly ask them to leave and if not i would tell the other staff and a range something out.