IGN : Pfcallen

Age: 15

Timezone: Mountain

Languages Spoken:

What gym would you prefer to lead/co-lead? Ice

How long have you been on our servers? I have been on the server for a month.

Have you ever been an admin/mod/helper on another server? Are you currently an Admin/mod/helper on another server? I was a mod on another server before they decided they could't afford it anymore.

How long would you be on the server if you were promoted to gym leader? and how long would you spend such time in your gym? I am pretty active already i would spend all my time on my gym and would accept challenges if its not open.

Were you ever demoted/muted/jailed/banned on our servers? No i have never been banned.

Why should you be promoted? What makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants? I should be promoted, because i like to help the servers out and i think i can help the server out by becoming a gym leader. I would stand out from the rest because i have experiences being a gym leader.

Situation Questionnaire
1) You have lost a battle however the opponent has gone offline before collecting the badge. What would you do? If they left and came back i would give them there badge if they left for the day i would wright down there name and when i see them give them there badge.

2) You have won a battle however your opponent refuses to leave. What do you do? I would ask them to leave if he is causing trouble with any players, if he starts causing trouble i would report him to an admin/mod.